For many people, braces have become an essential part of growing up. They are almost a right-of-passage. Straight teeth have, over the decades, become directly associated with beauty. Our goal is to ensure that every patient has a healthy and beautiful smile. One of the most popular ways, and best ways, to achieve this is through orthodtonics, better known as braces.

At Signature Smiles in the Garden Oaks/Heights area, as well as our second location in The Woodlands/Conroe area, we provide every type of braces. We offer Clear Braces, Invisalign braces, as well as the more traditional 3M metal braces that can be suplied with colorful band options. Dr. Kevin Yeh is our orthodontist and is able to cater to every patient’s orthodontic needs.

Clear Braces and Invisalign for Adults

Adults, over the past, have never given as much thought about braces as do kids or teenagers. Ever since clear braces, especially the braces that come as plastic trays, called Invisalign, have come along, the interest and demand for braces among adults has increased. In fact, the amount of adults receiving braces has never been higher.

There are various reasons why adults choose to undergo orthodontic treatment. They may simply have chosen to receive them relatively late in life or they may not have been able to afford them when they were younger. Many adults had braces before but they were either taken off too early or they simply didn’t wear their retainer like they should have. These circumstances typically cause their teeth to return to being crooked or misaligned.

For whatever reason, the Signature Smiles Houston office, provides Invisalign braces, clear braces (which are braces that are the same color as the teeth), as well as traditional metal braces. Our orthodontist, Dr. Yeh, will conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth to see exactly what type of braces would be best for you

Braces for Teens

Teenagers are the primary audience that wears braces. Approximately 75% of braces wearers are teenagers, therefore, we understand the importance of braces for the younger generation. The importance of braces is not simply about straight teeth, but they are about the health of the patient as well. Ensuring that kids and teenagers have straight teeth also ensures that they are less likely to experience malocclusion, or extensive cavities due to food particles becoming trapped in and around teeth. Yes, braces have been developed to create a beautiful smile, but more importantly, they have been developed to provide a healthy smile.

Our Garden Oaks/Heights dentists believe in treating patients with their overall health in mind. Like many adults today, we do not want our young patients to look back 20 years later and regret never receiving braces. We typically suggest 3M braces for teens, as well as children, and these orthodontic treatments usually last approximately two years. Yes, a patient’s teeth may be straight after nine months but we don’t want your teeth to shift back into their original positions once the metal braces come off. Metal braces treatment also includes a permanent retainer that fits on the underside of teeth to keep them from shifting once the braces come off.

Invisalign Teen braces are also an option for teenagers.

Innovative Impressions for Braces

At Signature Smiles, we only use the latest in dental technology for all of our dental procedures, especially with orthodontics and the use of Invisalign. Using state-of-the-art technology, our orthodontist is able to avoid the messy process of conducting impressions through the puddy-like substance. Impressions are now able to be done through quick digital facial scans, enabling for a more simplified and just as accurate impression. Digital scans also speed up the time for Invisalign braces to ship your aligners or retainers to our dental office.

Fun Colored Braces

Our patients come back monthly for a braces checkup. During this time, we provide new bands to patients and they are able to choose whatever color they wish. This gives patients even more of a reason to look forward to their scheduled appointments. Many patients pick their favorite color, or their school or college colors, to make wearing braces more enjoyable. Colored bands on braces helps show a patient’s personality while they have to wear the braces throughout the required treatment plan.